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Glass Egg Plates

My collection of glass egg plates began with my search for a specific beautiful blue egg plate to replace the one I had received as a wedding gift. It took me over twenty years to find it, and I found it on the Internet. It turns out that it was made by L. E. Smith Glass Company in the 1960s, and the pattern currently is called Heritage.

Blue Heritage Egg Plate

While I was looking for it I got "hooked" on some other gorgeous blue glass egg plates... and then decided to collect some clear glass ones to go with them. Then, I tried to find documentation about egg plates in glass books and books on collectibles... but there is very little published about them... So I decided to make my own reference on egg plates. The following pages show the egg plates that I have collected, and their pattern name and manufacturer, if known.

The History of Egg Plates

Egg plates seem to have been developed exclusively for the purpose of serving Deviled Eggs, an hors d'oeuvre that came into popular use sometime after 1600 AD. Deviled eggs have their roots in ancient Roman recipes, and the first published recipes for stuffed, boiled eggs were from medieval Europe. By the 17th century this was a common way to prepare eggs, but it was not called "deviled" until the 18th Century, in England. The term "deviled" means a food seasoned with a spice mixture that usually includes mustard.

The egg plate may be an adaptation from oyster plates, which originated earlier but have larger hollows to hold the oysters. It is alleged that the Aetna Co. made an egg dish in 1884. I have not seen that dish, yet, so don't know if it really is an egg plate. 

The earliest made glass egg plates that I know about, so far, were made by von Streit in Germany. The earliest I know of in the United States was made by Duncan & Miller Glass Company. Their Early American Sandwich pattern was introduced around 1925, and the egg plate is shown in a 1943 catalog reprint. So we know that it was at least made in the 1940's. There is an egg plate done in their "First Love" etching, which has been found in the Pall Mall (circa 1940) and Canterbury (circa 1938) patterns and another egg plate is done in their "Passion Flower" Design with silver Intaglio etching (on a Pall Mall blank). 

Another Depression Era egg plate was made in the Candlewick pattern by Imperial, probably circa 1934. In 1948, the A. J. Heisey & Co. produced the Lariat pattern, which contains both an oval and a round egg plate. Most U.S. glass egg plates were made from the 1940's and later, but a few might have been made as early as the 1930's.

Below are the glass egg plates that I know about, arranged alphabetically under the manufacturer's name. If you don't find one that you're looking for, check the photos -- it may be made by a different manufacturer than you had believed. Click on the photo for a full description. (Note: There will be changes to this site and more egg plates added. Please check here from time to time for updates.) To contact me with questions and any further information about egg plates, please CLICK here mailbox.

List of Makers: Aladdin, Anchor Hocking, Brockway, Cambridge, Duncan & Miller, Federal, Fenton, Fifth Avenue Crystal LTD, Fire King, Fostoria, Hazel Atlas, Heisey, Imperial, Indiana, Jeannette, Libbey, Longaberger, Mikasa, Mosser, Oneida, Pyrex, L. E. Smith, Sydenstricker, Tiara Exclusives, Unknown, Westmoreland, Portieux (France), Italy, Walther (W. Germany).


Aladdin's Alacite Egg Plate
Fire King
Anchor Hocking's Turquoise Egg Plate
Anchor Hocking's Crystal Egg Plate
Anchor Hocking's "Early American Prescut"
Anchor Hocking's "Fairfield"
Anchor Hocking's "Georgetowne"
Savannah 1
Anchor Hocking's Small "Savannah" Egg Plate
Savannah 2
Anchor Hocking's Large "Savannah" Egg Plate
Brockway's "Concord"
Cambridge's "Martha"
Duncan & Miller's "Early American Sandwich"
Pall Mall
Duncan & Miller's "Pall Mall"
Laurel tracks
Duncan & Miller's, a cutting on the Pall Mall blank
First Love
Duncan & Miller's "First Love" etch on the Pall Mall blank
Federal's "Georgetown"
Chicken Server
Fenton's "Chickenserver"
Fifth Avenue Crystal LTD's "Portico"
Fostoria's "Randolph"
Hazel Ware's "Simplicity"
Heisey's "Lariat"
"Candlewick" (color by Viking)
Tree of Life
Indiana's "Hobnail"
Spring Garden
Indiana "Spring Garden"
(Tulip Design with Birds & Butterflies Etching)
Jeannette's Egg and Relish Tray
Rock Crystal
"Rock Crystal" by Jeannette
Jeannette Hospitality Gold
Jeannette's Hospitality Gold Egg Plate
(Photos used by permission from Design Studio.)
Longaberger's Egg Plate
Mosser's Nicole Egg Plate
"Victorian Classic" (Made for Oneida by Indiana.)
Princess House "Fantasia"
Smith's "Heritage"
Moon and Star
Smith's "Moon & Star"
Smith's Triangle Egg Plate
Sydenstricker's "Embassy"
Tiara's "Sandwich"
Tiara's "Hobnail"
Tiara's "Ponderosa Pine"
Westmoreland's "Paneled Grape"


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Portieux Ruby
Portieux's Ruby Stained
an Italian egg plate
Mikasa 5
Cherry Blossoms
by Walther in W. Germany


Makers Unknown:
(Like McKee's Rock Crystal Tray Shape)
unidentified 1
(Similar to Cambridge Blank, May be Jeannette?)
unidentified 2
(May be Cambridge?)
unidentified 3
(Without hobs on the egg hollows; May be Indiana or L. E. Smith?)
unidentified 4
(Wavy Design, a Caribbean Wannabe)
unidentified 6


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